aint Romanus of Antioch and Saint Barulas, Francisco de Zurbarán 1638
Size: 22x28 inches
Substrate: Premium Matte, thick
Product Notes: Martyrs of Syria. Romanus was born in Palestine and served as a deacon in Caesarea and Antioch. He was supposedly arrested and put to death after giving encouragement to Christian prisoners in resisting the demands of the Romans to sacrifice to the gods. Romanus died with a companion, named Barula, a seven-year-old boy. Nothing is known of Barula with any certainty. It is considered likely by scholars that he was actually a Syrian martyr possibly called Bralaha or Barlaam, who became associated with Romanus. Romanus was burned, strangled, and then beheaded.
Francisco de Zurbarán
Saint Romanus of Antioch and Saint Barulas
Oil on canvas
246.5 × 160.1 cm (97 × 73 in.)
Credit Line
Gift of Mrs. Chauncey McCormick and Mrs. Richard E. Danielson
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22x28 Print: Saint Romanus of Antioch +Saint Barulas, Francisco de Zurbarán 1638