Size: 16x20 inches
Substrate: Premium Matte paper
Product Notes: Wonderful print for much less than the major poster/print resellers. Quality is not sacrificed.
Artist: Mary Cassatt
American, 1844–1926
Mary Cassatt chose a quintessentially Spanish subject, executing this painting of a torero in full regalia during an extended stay in Seville. Having trained in Philadelphia and Paris, Cassatt ventured alone to Spain to study the country’s masters and to follow the artistic path of modern painters like Édouard Manet. Depicting the bullfighter at a relaxed moment, far removed from the spectacle and violence of the ring, Cassatt elided narrative detail. Instead, with a modernist sensibility, she focused on the male figure in a casual pose and employed vigorous brushwork and rich pigment to describe his costume. The bullfighter’s characteristic bravado nevertheless hints at flirtation with a female counterpart outside the frame.
Mary Cassatt