Size: 24x36 inches
Substrate: Premium Matte
Printing Method: Giclee, printed upon order
Product Notes: This is a stylized recreation of the 1988 movie ALIEN FROM L.A. starring the legendary model, Kathy Ireland. This is my own artwork. It was born out of the want of a nice original copy of the movie poster, but since it does not exist I made my own.
About the Film: Alien From L.A. is a 1988 science fiction film that stars Kathy Ireland as a young woman who visits the underground civilization of Atlantis. The film was featured on Mystery Science Theater 3000.
Kathy Ireland as Wanda Saknussemm
William R. Moses as Gus
Richard Haines as Arnold Saknussemm
Don Michael Paul as Robbie
Thom Matthews as Charmin
Janie Du Plessis as General Rykov / Shank / Claims Officer
Simon Poland as Consul Triton Crassus / The Mailman
Linda Kerridge as Roeyis Freki / Auntie Pearl
Kristen Trucksess as Stacy
Lochner De Kock as Professor Ovid Galba / Prof. Paddy Mahoney
Deep Roy as Mambino