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ARTIST/MAKER: Boetius à Bolswert, Friesland (Netherlands)
Incredibly modern looking illustration from the 16th century that I recently came across. You can see influences today in many modern art forms (TV, comics, video games). Think Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Witcher 3 (especially Witcher 3).
Size: 24x36 inches
Substrate: Premium matte
Bleed: full bleed, image goes edge to edge
About This Piece: Boetius à Bolswert (also Boetius Adamsz Bolswert, Bodius; c. 1585, – late 1633) was a renowned copper-plate engraving engraver of Friesland origin. In his time the paintings of Peter Paul Rubens called forth new endeavours by engravers to imitate or reproduce the breadth, density of mass and dynamic illumination of those works. Boetius Bolswert was an important figure in this movement, not least because he was the elder brother and instructor of the engraver Schelte à Bolswert, whose reproductions of Rubens's landscapes were most highly esteemed in their own right.
This image is part of The Cleveland Museum of Art's Open Access Images program and has a "CC0 Public Domain Designation." Printed upon order.

Landscape with Farmhouses, 1613-1614, Boetius à Bolswert - 24x36" Poster

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