ARTIST/MAKER: Luc-Olivier Merson, French
Size: 16x20 inches
Substrate: Premium matte
Bleed: Full bleed (image goes edge to edge)
About This Piece: A successful commercial photographer, Soulier operated in partnerships initially with A. Clouzard and then with Claude-Marie Ferrier and his son, A. Ferrier. Soulier was admired for his naturalistic architectural and urban views of Paris. In this imposing frontal view of the front façade of Notre Dame, his skill at rendering great architectural monuments and placing them into the context of their urban environment is beautifully realized. Photographed in bright sunlight, the warmly toned photograph is filled with visual, textural, and incidental information. This engaging mid-century photograph is an early record of the cathedral’s surrounding neighborhood, bustling with human activity.
This image is part of The Cleveland Museum of Art's Open Access Images program and has a "CC0 Public Domain Designation." This image will be printed with the highest of standards.
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Notre-Dame Cathedral, (early 1860s photo) Charles Soulier - 16x20" inch