POSTER - 16x20": LIONEL MESSI (Barcelona, pointing upwards), Simple Illustration
Condition: Brand New, original
Size: 16"x20"
Substrate: Premium Matte

Product Notes: Lionel Messi is generally known to be one of the, if not THE, best player on the planet.


Messi pointing to the sky is not an unusual site for anyone that watches him play, but what many might not know is that it is to honor his grandmother Celia. In 2010 Messi spoke about her: 


"I think about her a lot, I would have loved that she was here in the stadium, watching me, enjoying it. She gave us everything, myself and my cousins would fight to sleep in her house, she cared for all of us. I can’t say something, in particular, it was everything about her, her character, how she treated us, how she loved us. I dedicate my goals and my triumphs to her, I want her to be here but she left us before she could see me succeed. I would have brought her to Barcelona."


I've always wanted simple illustrations of my favorite players in standard sizes (so they are easy to find inexpensive frames). I couldn't find very many, so I made a few myself. 


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POSTER - 16x20": LIONEL MESSI (Barcelona, pointing upwards), Simple Illustration