POSTER - 16x20": Ubaldo Fillol (Argentina, Goalkeeper), Simple Illustration

Condition: Brand New, original
Size: 16"x20"
Substrate: Premium Matte
Product Notes: Ubaldo Fillol took part in the 1974, 1978 (where he won the championship with his team and was voted Best Goalkeeper) and 1982 World Cups representing the Argentine national team. He also played in the South American qualifiers for the 1986 World Cup.
Fillol is widely considered to be one of the greatest Latin American keepers and often regarded as the best Argentine goalkeeper ever.
I've always wanted simple illustrations of my favorite players in standard sizes (so they are easy to find inexpensive frames). I couldn't find very many, so I made a few myself. 
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POSTER - 16x20": Ubaldo Fillol (Argentina, River Plate), Simple Illustration