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Size: 22"x28" inches

Substrate: Premium Matte (thick poster paper)

Printing Method: Giclee


Product Notes: Recorded as from a farmhouse in the Mahantango Valley, Pennsylvania. (John H. Chamberlain, Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania), by whom sold in 1947 to Edgar William and Bernice Chrysler Garbisch; gift to NGA, 1953.


Nestled in the pocket of the Blue Mountains of the Appalachian chain, the Mahantongo Valley extends east from the Susquehanna River for 17 miles. Bordered to the north by Line Mountain, once the boundary between the Commonwealth and the Indian Lands, it extends four miles to the south where the Mahantongo Mountain closes the valley. rises in the mountains of Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania.


The Mahantongo Valley aesthetic has been explored in various recent studies, particularly those of Frederick S. Weiser and Mary Hammond-Sullivan who focused attention on decorated furniture made in the region. They described the highly distinctive furniture that had been created between 1798 and 1828 along the Schwaben Creek Area of the Mahantongo Valley. The decorative furniture of the region has also been featured in national publications such as Early American Homes.

Poster: Farmhouse in Mahantango Valley, late 19th century, 22x28 inch

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