ARTIST: John Trumbull, American
Size: 22x28 inches
Substrate: Premium Matte paper
Bleed: full bleed (image goes edge to edge)
Why all the posters of Washington: Working on a series for on artwork, portraits and jewelry created during George Washington's lifetime. We well be putting up as much as time allows. Take a look!
About This Piece: In this portrait, George Washington (1732–1799) is shown standing on a bluff above the Hudson River with his enslaved personal servant, Billy Lee, on horseback behind him. The view across the river encompasses West Point, New York, with a red-and-white banner, possibly the Navy ensign adopted in 1775, flying atop the fortress. Trumbull had served on Washington’s staff as an aide-de-camp early in the Revolutionary War. He painted this portrait from memory about five years later, when he was studying in London. It was the first authoritative representation of Washington available in Europe and was soon copied throughout the Continent.
 On view at The Met Fifth Avenue in Gallery 753

POSTER: George Washington,1780 (Artist: John Trumbull) - 22"x28"