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Condition: Brand New
Size: 22"x28" inches
Substrate: Premium Matte
This is a classic print in that it is 22x28 inches, full-bleed. Like you could find before less expensive printing equipment led to a lot of "hobby printing" on thick rag / faux-watercolor paper - but also lead to a higher cost to the customer.
Product Notes: High-resolution image reproduction from the National Gallery of Art "Open Access" initiative. Item will be printed upon demand and shipped to you quickly and safely. If you look around at some of the online poster shops you will see lots of versions, in various colors. This copy is printed in accordance with NGA's standards, which means it will be very similar to the colors of the real piece and not a cheap washed out print.
My 22x28 posters run around $23-30, which is about 40% less than most well-known poster and canvas resellers. You will be getting the same, if not better, quality.
About this Piece: By the turn of the century, Cassatt was working almost exclusively with the subject of mothers and children, using professional models for her figures. In this painting, she again looks closely at an interaction between women at different stages of life. The mother's fashionable outfit serves as a foil for the child's innocent nudity, and the two figures are united by their gestures and their gazes. By including two mirrors within the composition, Cassatt established a complex spatial and conceptual arrangement of images within images. Artists from Diego Velazquez and Peter Paul Rubens to Édouard Manet had depicted women looking at themselves in mirrors, seeing themselves as objects of beauty to be admired by others. Cassatt was aware of this tradition in Western art, but she subverted it in Mother and Child. Here, the woman and girl both look into the small, circular mirror, where they regard the child's reflection together. In this enigmatic work, the true subjects then become the young girl's evolving feminine identity and her future womanhood under the guidance of maternal influence.

Poster: Mother and Child, c. 1905, Mary Cassatt - 22x28 inch, print

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