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rint: Albrecht Dürer, The Rhinoceros, 1515 - 16x20" Poster

Poster Type: Thick poster substrate, premium paper
Finished size: 16x20"
Condition: Brand New
Product Notes: Durer's masterpiece that is still popular to this day. Despite its anatomical inaccuracies, Dürer's woodcut became very popular in Europe and was copied many times in the following three centuries. It was regarded by Westerners as a true representation of a rhinoceros into the late 18th century. Eventually, it was supplanted by more realistic drawings and paintings, particularly those of Clara the rhinoceros, who toured Europe in the 1740s and 1750s. It has been said of Dürer's woodcut: "probably no animal picture has exerted such a profound influence on the arts"
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Print: Albrecht Dürer, The Rhinoceros, 1515 - 16x20" Poster

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