ARTIST: Asher Brown Durand, American
(Dark blue coloring and modern text added)
Size: 24x36 inches
Substrate: Premium Matte paper
Bleed: full bleed (image goes edge to edge)
Why all the posters of Washington: Working on a series for that highlights artwork, portraits and jewelry created during George Washington's lifetime. 
About This Piece: Signing the Declaration of Independence. Asher Brown Durand (American, 1796-1886). Etching; The Cleveland Museum of Art, Gift of George A. Goddard
Printed nice and large so that “fat old King can read it without his spectacles”
This image is part of The Cleveland Museum of Art's Open Access Images program and has a "CC0 Public Domain Designation." 

Signing the Declaration of Independence (Durand) Blue colored - 24x36"